Magical Moments at Club Mahindra’s Gir Resort

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India is a place where many festivals are celebrated. The seamless amalgamation of the various cultures across the vast land and the myriad of influences the people have had have resulted in this country duly accepting festivals of various religions, cultures, etc. For all the festivals in this great country of ours, the biggest one has to be Diwali.

Diwali is a festival of lights, which is implied by the name itself. With lights, colours of rangoli and the signature oil lamps that have come to embody something auspicious in the context of Indian festivals all around us, there truly is no festival that matches its aura, intensity and the fervor with which its celebrated across religious and ethnic divides.


Celebrating Diwali in Style:

The atmosphere here during this time is simply electric.  The entire country gets together to celebrate this amazing festival of lights. Celebrating this amazing festival with your family is a very special thing. For ages, there have been a plethora of tradition and rituals that people have been observing in their homes. However, with such popularity, it isn’t the most intimate of festivals. So, for many people who want to get away to a close, intimate location; holidaying during Diwali is a hugely attractive option.

The question is where to? There’s clearly no shortage of amazing locations in India – from the Himalayas in the North to the serenity of Kerala’s backwaters to the incredibly beauty of North-Eastern India, you really want to vacation in a small intimate setting that lets you bond with your family and is the perfect backdrop for some magical moments.  One such place is Gir.

Gir Resort

Gir is known as one of the last remaining abodes of the magnificent Asiatic Lion, a forest reserve that’s virtually unharmed by all that’s gone on around it in the world. Being here feels truly amazing as the serenity of the place transports you to a different era. What better setting for a memorable holiday?

The vast open lands, beautiful cottages and the sprawling spread of flora and fauna lay the foundation for this amazing retreat. This is a very unique destination and that’s why exploring it with your family is always a treat. Take a guided tour of the jungle where you can see the King of the Jungle himself or relax in your beautiful resort. Feast in the gorgeous views and the many things you can do while you’re here.

Even though you’ll have your own space here, the rich heritage & culture of Gujarat isn’t too far away. In Gujarat, Diwali is associated mostly with the worship of Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth The markets of Gujarat liven up almost a whole month in advance for Diwali shoppers; from jewelry; clothes; sweets; gift articles; shoes; etc., to fire crackers. As a result, if you want to soak in the vibe of the local culture, you always can.

Diwali this year is going to be magical. Pack your bags folks; this is one thrilling vacation you’re going to remember forever.

A Hidden Gem called Naukuchiatal

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North India is a popular vacation destination not only for those of us residing in India, but for many people the world over. The reasons, Plenty! Snow-capped peaks guard India’s lush green plains from the treacherous winds of the North, Rivers which have bred civilizations flow through the meandering the land and a culture and heritage that continues to influence millions the world over and attract many more each passing year, there’s no place like it.


Naukuchiatal lies in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Its name literally means lake with nine corners. The most amazing thing about this destination is that it’s very secluded; not many people know about it. Hence, you can get utmost privacy here and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Return to Serenity:

Naukuchiatal is one of the most amazing places you can visit. Club Mahindra has wooden European style cottages overlooking the lake. The vintage architecture transports the residents to a different era. That’s not all, you can ever head off to many spots that offer a panoramic view of the quaint town and soak in the amazing atmosphere here. You can even rent a boat and enjoy a boat-ride in the lake. The water’s quite calm even in times of rain. Because the lake has nine corners, there are many places where you can disembark and explore that particular place. If you want a truly exhilarating experience, we highly recommend this.

Naukuchiatal 2

There are times perhaps when you want to go away on a relaxing, peace-laden holiday to a destination that’s not bustling with tourist activity. This is exactly that. It’s said that people when they view the magnificent lake as they sip tea from the veranda of the vintage-style cottages, truly begin to appreciate the finer things in life. What’s more is that Nainital, a popular tourist town is only a short distance away.

There are many things you shouldn’t compromise on. A relaxing holiday where you let go of all your worries is one of them. If you need to be close to nature and away from all the hustle of city life, there’s no better place than Naukuchiatal.

Three Destinations for an Amazing Getaway this Independence Day

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India celebrates her sixty-seventh Independence Day on 15th August 2014. This year, Independence Day falls on a Friday which means it’s the perfect time for you to go out on a weekend getaway to recharge your batteries! We pick the top three destinations for you to celebrate the birthday of our great nation.



Ooty is called the ‘Queen of Hill Stations.’ Indeed, the small town which was used as a summer retreat by the British to escape the hot weather during the summers. Because of its location, it doesn’t receive torrential rains during the months of July and August like most places along India’s West Coast.

It’s a land of picturesque picnic sports and as it’s at a height of 2,240 metres above the sea, the climate here is simply amazing. A must-do while visiting Ooty is to travel on the ‘Nilgiri Mountain Railway.’



Naukuchiatal means ‘Lake of nine corners.’ This hidden gem is located in the heart of India’s fertile plains and has a meandering countryside surrounding it. It’s about an hour’s drive from another tourist hotbed, Nainital. The highlight of Naukuchiatal is of course the grand lake which provides the perfect setting for an amazing holiday. A boat ride in the lake or even spending time along the lake’s shore is sure to sooth you.



Rajasthan has always been a hugely popular destination with tourists. Some places are hugely popular that attract tourists from around the world. However, there are some truly amazing places that not a lot of people know of; Nawalgarh is one of them.

Rajasthan’s heritage comes alive in this small town and the seamless amalgamation of European and Rajput styles creates a unique style that is unique to this location. You can’t afford to not visit the Havelis here which are meticulously maintained. Another popular destination is the Taal Chapar Sanctuary where you can spot Chinkaras, the Black Buck, Jungle cats and a variety of birds including India’s National Bird – Peacock.

A Drive to Mahabaleshwar during Monsoon

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The grey clouds hovering in the sky and the dampness in the air, the chirping of the birds in the evening and the orange sky at dusk tells you that the rains are finally here! The rains bring with them some much-needed relief from the hot searing sun and unleash a new life for nature. As the monsoon brings the summer to a close, one of the best things you can do is go on a long drive to Mahabaleshwar and leave all your troubles behind in the urban jungle.

Mahabaleshwar is the origin of the River Krishna, a lifeline of South-Central India. A popular hill station amongst generations, it’s one of the last remaining abodes of evergreen beauty in Western India. A drive to Mahabaleshwar will take you through some of the most scenic parts of Maharashtra. It’s here that you truly get to experience the beauty of nature.

New Mahabaleshwar

A Drive to Remember:

As you leave your home in an urban jungle and begin the drive towards Mahabaleshwar, the steel and concrete structures that engulf you slowly disappear to be replaced by the vivid green of trees and fields that soothe and calm the urbane mind. The Ghats twist and turn and take you deeper into lush evergreen forests where you’re one with nature. It’s here that you truly connect with your loved ones and have some of the most magical of all experiences. Roll down the car windows and feel the cool breeze rush through – it’s an amazing feeling.

Journeys like these don’t come out too often, cherish the ones that do. It’s said that people bond and connect on travels and this is no different. As you leave the familiarity of your everyday surroundings behind, you’ll experience something new, something magical; this is what will stay with you forever.

Rain, Rain Come Again:

There’s something magical about rains in Maharashtra. They bring with them a bundle of joy and optimism reserved for a messiah. Indeed, it’s an experience like no other to feel the magic and splendor of the south-west monsoon that lashes India’s western and northern parts for three or four months every year from June to September. These rains acquire a special character in Mahabaleshwar. With the rains, the forest comes back to life and greenery surrounds you. People travel from different corners of the country just to experience this. Strap on your backpack and venture out into the open, this promises to be an exhilarating experience like no other!

New Mahabaleshwar

Father’s Day – Time for a Magical Holiday

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On the third Sunday every June, we celebrate and honour the men who shaped us for what we are today. The custodians of our childhood, who paved the way for our success and inculcated thought, instilled humility and were our lives’ first and greatest teachers – it’s time to honour the men who made us; our fathers.

On this years’ Father’s Day, we list some of the things you can do with your dad and relive those special memories all over again.

Fathers Day

Outdoor Activities:

You probably had your first outing or hike with your dad. Your first bike ride, the time you went to the beach and enjoyed the waves lashing against you, your first Diwali when you burst crackers with joy or the time you played a sport. Why not do it all over again? Engage in a sport or go on a hike together! You won’t believe how amazing this will be.

Celebrate Fathers day with a Club Mahindra Membership


The thirst for adventure never grows old. Get your old man out back into the open and take him on the ride of his life. Explore the unchartered wilderness of India’s sanctuaries; make him feel alive again – Gir is out top pick.

Gift Your Father a Club Mahindra Membership

Nature’s Bliss:

Serenity is the highest point in human emotion and what better way to experience this than at nature’s finest creation. Feel the might of the Himalayas or the breathtaking beauty of the lush green forests or a relaxing evening spent at the beach watching the sun set – all these priceless moments are the things life’s really about.

Fathers Day Celebration with Club Mahindra Membership

A Priceless View:

A picture is worth a thousand words, being in the moment worthy of a picture is priceless. There are some moments, some places that are simply too special to put into worlds. The view of India’s tropical evergreen forests from the top of Coorg or waking up to the sun over the Himalayas at Shimla – these are the moments that are going to enshrined in your memory forever. The view from the top is the best.

Fathers Day Celebration

Go Back in Time:

Experience the heritage and the majesty of the Colonial Empire and the Great Indian Kings who built our country. Watch as the grandeur of the past comes back to reality and relive it! The mystique of the past never ceases to mesmerize and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than at a historic location!

Spending Time with Your Family

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There are over seven billion people in the world. Human Civilization has grown to an amazing extent in a very short span. Part of this is because of the core, intrinsic nature of us beings to socialize, interact and form bonds with others. It is through this that the concept of family was born. It’s one of the first things you recognize even as a child; your family. Can you imagine your life without it? Boring, isn’t it? Actually, it’s pretty scary.


Ironically, with a successful professional life, you don’t seem to have a lot of time for your family. With your working hours and the crazy lifestyle that seems to be the norm these days, perhaps you haven’t had the chance to spend as much time with your family as you’d like to. Why not make a commitment to your family on the occasion of World Family Day? Celebrated on 15th May, this is the perfect occasion for you to bond and spend some much needed time with your loved ones.


Family Holidays

One of the best ways to relax is to go on a holiday. Holidaying with your family will provide you with many magical moments that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Whisk away your spouse and kids to an amazing resort in the countryside, or go to a beachside destination . A peaceful environment such as this compels you to forget about all your worries and rejuvenate the mind and body. This is going to help you to lead a more active and happy life. People who cultivate a healthy relationship with their family through holidays or an activity that engages all members form deep emotional bonds and are often more successful in their personal as well as professional lives.



Something New:

Here’s a question for you, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Now think of all the amazing things you and your family have had a chance to do on a holiday. Where else would you get to experience such magical moments, which would be enshrined in your memories forever?

Just imagine the sheer joy your child is going to experience when he holds a bat for the first time, when your daughter steps into a pool or they go horse riding. And who says you’re too old to do something new? Perhaps grandparents and the grandkids could enjoy a game together! That’s not all, with the city life; all you see around are modern skyscrapers. Step back in time and relive history – visit a historic monument or a museum, you can do that only when you visit certain places!

These holidays are enjoyable moments that reaffirm your commitment towards the institution that is the center of your life – your family.

World Family Day – A Commitment to your Family:

World Family Day, or to call by its official name, International Day of Families is celebrated on May 15th. What better day to show your love and commitment to your family than this? With vacations going on, take your family on a holiday; you’ll love it. This day was instituted by the United Nations in 1992 with a view to showcase the importance of families. The theme for the 22nd International Day of Families is ‘Families Matter for the Achievement of Development Goals; International Year of the Family.’ So do yourself and your family a favors. Make a commitment to the pillars of your life and ensure happiness for them. Where do you start, that vacation doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it?

How Club Mahindra’s Timeshare Membership gives you Value for Money

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The entire vacation and travel industry constantly seeks out ways to reinvent itself and lure customers. One of the biggest problems faced by the industry is risings costs. In an era of troubled economies around the world, travelers are increasingly wary of costs in every aspect of their life including spending money for vacation and holidays. Inflation is sky high, who knows how much holidays are going to cost in the future?

Amidst this conundrum lies an interesting solution. The incredibly well-crafted model of sharing vacation homes has its origin in the western world and is somewhat of a limited concept in that you get the right to a single vacation home. One of the first companies to endorse this concept in India was Club Mahindra, a vacation ownership company owned by MHRIL (Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited). Now, they have almost 40 resorts and affiliation with RCI International gives you unparalleled choice and assured vacations for decades. These resorts are located in some of the most picturesque and serene locations across India.

Membership Fees:

That’s up to you! Seriously, with multiple options on the kind of accommodation you want, to the time of the year you’ll be vacationing in and the flexibility of your schedule, there are a myriad of options to choose from. With membership fees across a wide range of price-points, there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Also, Club Mahindra lets you pay these fees in EMI’s which start at costs lower than that of some mobile phones. Now just imagine the value for money on offer!

With each membership plan, you get a specific window to plan your holiday. A wide range of choices makeschoosing the perfect holiday very easy. The options for interest free EMI’smean that the whole model is structured in a way that ensures you get tremendous value while staying at luxurious and spacious resorts. If you’re married and have kids or you’re a professional with parents who’re senior citizens or just a family that loves to travel; you can find the perfect fit Club Mahindra’s membership plans.

Club Mahindra is an RCI (Resorts Condominium International) affiliate. Hence, when you become a member of Club Mahindra, you also get access to resorts around the world. Now isn’t that amazing?

Freedom from Inflation:

Imagine this – you go to your favorite destination and stay at a hotel. You really like the location and the hotel, and decide to return the year after. Guess what? A hotel room now costs a lot more than it did the previous year!

Percentage Increase in Average Cost of Hotel Room - Global

Percentage Increase in Average Cost of Hotel Room – Global

Percentage Increase in Average Cost of Hotel Room - Asia Pacific

Percentage Increase in Average Cost of Hotel Room – Asia Pacific

Take a look at the two graphs above; it’s evident that hotel costs have risen to a great extent over the last decade or so. The only exception has been during the global economic crises during 2008-2009. Also, take into account the fact that with these rising costs, the associated surcharges and taxes too have risen.

This is something you never have to worry about with the timeshare model! Because hotel costs constantly vary (And increase in most cases), the timeshare model really shines through as you don’t bear the financial burden of the increase in rates. In this model, you pay for your stay in advance when you purchase the timeshare. By paying yearly maintenance fees, you ensure that you will get to use this timeshare every year. These maintenance fees will see a small increment every year, but you’ll still end up saving considerably as hotel rates continue to increase.

A Vacation for Decades:

A Club Mahindra membership guarantees vacations for the next 25 years. Also, your children can use your timeshare and you can even gift holidays to your friends and family. As a result, this investment is beneficial to you, your family and even your friends in some cases. In addition, these are protected from inflation and it’s truly amazing when you think of the value for money on offer.

So what are you waiting for?

Financial benefits of this business model are one of the biggest gains you stand to make. That’s not all, with a plethora of choice in front of you; you’re assured of holidays for the next two and a half decades. The resorts have a host of activities for the entire family right from – indoor and outdoor games, adventure activities, dance, crafts and painting classes, etc. The moments that you share with your family are truly priceless; with a Club Mahindra membership you can travel throughout the country and around the world, and make them unforgettable.

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