Everything you need to know about Club Mahindra Membership

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Every person aspires to go for a vacation at least once in a year. However, busy schedules and unavailability of resorts and hotels at desired destinations deprive people of such opportunities. Moreover, most of the vacationers desire a perfect getaway from the regular life to an exotic location with luxurious services, marvellous ambiance, and rejuvenating environment to leave the mind and body refreshed.

To rejuvenate your spirits, it is recommended to go for a vacation at least once in a year. Club Mahindra Membership will create the perfect setting for your holidays. With over 40 resorts at some of the most exotic places in India and abroad, this vacation ownership will offer you the perfect family vacation experience at a reasonable price. The membership is valid for a period of 25 years, wherein each year you can book a vacation for 7 days, together or in different periods. The membership is priced on the basis of seasons and the type of room selected.

What are the Types of Membership?

Before you book this membership, take a look at the types of apartments available under it. Club Mahindra membership offers three kinds of membership namely Studio, One Bedroom, and Two Bedroom. Depending on the type of comfort you wish to avail, the number of members in your family, and the level of privacy you seeking, you can select the membership.

Moreover, the membership is available on the basis of seasons. Here ‘seasons’ actually refer to different time periods of the year based on the preferences of the members. Depending on the timing when families actually book a vacation, the membership is divided into four seasons.

  • Purple Season is preferable for those individuals who usually travel during festivals, national holidays, and major events in a year such as New Year’s Eve. This is a time where both working members of the family as well as children have holidays. This season is ideally for people in their early thirties.
  • Red Season is the best option for people who prefer to travel with the entire family. This season is generally known as ‘peak’ travel season wherein children as well as their parents have holidays. This package is ideal for people in their mid-thirties who have a family.
  • White Season is generally classified as off season wherein most of the regular tourists are not vacationing. Thus, destinations you visit are less crowded, and you can enjoy luxury at the best. This season is ideal for people in their late forties who have grown-up children and wish to escape the busy everyday life.
  • Blue Season is reserved for retired people who want to experience some peace and quietude. This season is generally reserved for off-seasons wherein you would like to enjoy the company of nature.

Where can you avail this membership?

Club Mahindra membership is available to book through online registration form or by contacting the call centre. Once you submit the details through Club Mahindra membership form, the sales agent will fix an appointment with you. He will provide you complete details about the types of memberships, the quality of resorts, the facilities available there, and the blissful experience you will be able to enjoy at the resorts. So why wait? Book a dream vacation each year by availing the Club Mahindra Membership; Click here to fill the lead.

Experience the beauty of Gangtok through Club Mahindra!

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Festooned by the dreamy clouds overhead, Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, is placed on a ridge and it soars at a height of 5500 feet. The place offers you a spectacular view of the Khangchendzonga (a stunning peak that stands at 8586 m elevation). Gangtok is often considered to be a perfect base for people who wish to travel through the state—it was once an important transit point for travellers commuting to Tibet through the Indian land. Today, Gangtok is a crowded administrative and business centre which provides you with an interesting mix of cultures and commodities.

Just to give its members a memorable time while their visit to Gangtok, Club Mahindra has constructed a lavish, state-of-the-art resort, which provides you with a majestic view of the Chola Range and the verdant valleys. You can enjoy the perfect blend of old world charm and modernity during your stay here.

In addition, if you ever get a respite from admiring the beauty of Gangtok, check out some of the Club Mahindra reviews online to get a glimpse of the variety of indoor and outdoor activities for you and your family to indulge in.

Indoor activities:


Club Mahindra makes sure that every member of your family is reaping the most of what they have to offer. The workshops at Club Mahindra help you find new passion or simply refine an old one. You can have unlimited fun while learning to cook exotic cuisines from the resort chefs, baking your own pots, and even make puppets or put up your own show. You can even take the help of FunRovers and choose from the many other activity workshops.

Virtual World:

Virtual world is a paradise for gaming lovers.  You can feel the adrenaline rush from racing at over 200mph. You could fly a jet plane and even have a giant ape fight a dinosaur. You can also compete with the world’s best athletes by indulging in different sports-themed games and flaunt your skills.


Stay energetic and agile by inviting some healthy competition. Club Mahindra provides you with cricket and golf sets, badminton racquets, football, and other such sporting equipment. If you are a ‘more-the-merrier’ person, you can also have the FunRovers to join you in your sport of interest.

Creative Corner: Witness some unforeseen creativity as you lay your hands on the craft kits and hobby kits. Master your painting skills with your kids and take your best artwork back home with you.

Sight-seeing destination in Gangtok:

Gangtok Ropeway                  

The ropeway takes you on a slow and amazing tour of the city. You can enjoy the breath-taking aerial view of the city as you sit back and bask in the glory of the city. The ropeway also takes you to the highest point of the city.

Do-Drul Chorten (Stupa)

The stupa was built by Truisi Rinpoche, head of the Nyingama order. It is considered as one of the most important stupas in Sikkim. The unique feature of the stupa lies in the 108 prayer wheels that encircle it. The stupa shelters some of the very rare mandalas of Doli Phurpa (Bajra Kilaya), holy books and mantras.

Research Institute of Tibetology

The institute is renowned as the worldwide centre for knowing more about Buddhist philosophy and religion. It is a treasure chest that houses rare thankas, statues, and over 200 Buddhist icons and priceless objects of art.

How to make the most of Rajasthan with Club Mahindra

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The romantic allure of Rajasthan has endured over time —from the stately days of Rajputs till the modern-day wedding dream destination; it continues to beckon a large number of domestic and international tourists.

The historical forts, culture, art, grand heritage palaces, havelis, and the bazaars are a part of Rajasthan’s appeal. One in three tourists visiting India plans a trip to Rajasthan, as it happens to be a part of the famous Golden Triangle—a must visit among tourists.

To make sure that every Club Mahindra member gets the best out of Rajasthan, they have mindfully constructed four state-of-the-art resorts for you and your family to have a memorable experience.

In this first part of the two part series, we will talk in detail about the Nawalgarh and Udaipur resorts.


Nawalgarh is known as one of the biggest and busiest town of Shekhawati. The place was found in 1737 by Nawal Singh, a song of Shardul Singh. The place used to magnet a lot of rich Marwari merchants, who are responsible for the construction of many richly painted havelis in Nawalgarh.

Nawalgarh epitomises the multi-cultural architectural splendour; you can experience the perfect blend of Rajput and European architecture. The beautiful resort at Nawalgarh is blanketed by sweeping farms and surrounded by splendid trees.

Now let us look at some of the sight-seeing places and activities one can indulge in during their stay at the Nawalgarh resort.

A) Must-see destinations

The Nawalgarh resort offers you a variety of tourist destinations such as Podar Haveli Museum, Morarka Haveli Museum, Goynka Heveli Museum, and Mandawa Fort.

B) Speciality Dishes

The cuisines here mainly comprise the quintessential Rajasthani dishes like Dal Bati Churma, Lal Maas, Methi Murg, Gatta Curry, and Lauki Ka Halwa

C) Events

The resort hosts events including the usual fun-fare and family musical activities along with folk dance and Bollywood.

D) Workshops

You can indulge yourselves in workshops such as Pottery making, Tile Art, Tera Art, Sand Art

E) Outdoor activities

The resort arranges outdoor activities, such as camel and horse riding sessions, mehndi session, and market tour.

Club Mahindra Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur, in Rajasthan, is lovingly called as one of the most romantic cities in India, as it is a city surrounded by lakes and palaces. It is natural that these two aspects feature on top of the major attractions in Udaipur. Udaipur is all about soaking in the royal feeling that it exudes and falling in love with the city’s man-made wonders.

Get ready to be pampered and spoiled once you step foot inside the Club Mahindra Udaipur resort. The grand resort offers you breath-taking surroundings that help you in rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. The calm weather, lush green surroundings, and beatific stillness of the place give you the much-needed blissful repose. The resort is undoubtedly the prefect way to experience the wealthy culture and heritage of the Rajputs. Make the most of this experience, and if you enjoyed your stay, do suggest Club Mahindra membership option to your near-and-dear ones.

Moving on to some of the best sight-seeing places and activities to indulge while you are staying at Udaipur resort

A) Must-see destinations

Udaipur offers you a plethora of picturesque places including Pichola Lake, Fathesagar Lake, City Palace, Nathdwara/Ekling ji Temple, Gobhardhan vilas Talab, and Nandeshwar Mahadev.

B) Speciality Dishes

Some of the must-try dishes are Dal Bati Churma and Lal Mans.

C) Food Festivals

The resort hosts different types of food festivals which revolve around cuisines like Rajasthani, Awadhi, Gujarati, and Punjabi.

D) Workshops

You can entertain yourself by taking part in workshops like Magic, Pottery, Towel Art, and Craft.

E) Activities

The resort hosts variety of activities like Folk dance, Sufi & Gazal, Champs show, Magic show, Family Games, and Bonfire dance during winter.

The resort arranges outdoor activities, such as camel and horse riding sessions, mehndi session, and market tour.

Best Romantic Resorts by Club Mahindra

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The feeling of some unhindered “us time” can be best experienced by a couple when they find a place of repose, away from their daily hustle-bustle. Lovers like to escape from their daily routine every now and then to enjoy some solitude and rekindle their romance. Beaches, mountains, and lakes build the perfect backdrop for couples to spend some memorable time with each other.

Club Mahindra has a grasp of all things that can set the mood right, and offers you set up some of the finest resorts across all such choice destinations in India, where you can let love takeover your senses and lose yourself in the magic of the moment. You can benefit from variety of Club Mahindra feedback from various websites online in order to have a complete know how about the resorts.

Let us look at some of the best romantic resorts that Club Mahindra has to offer:

Club Mahindra Ashtamudi, Kerala

This resort is the perfect destination for romantic getaways. Magnificent landscapes and beautiful vistas welcome members to the spellbinding palm shaped ‘eight-armed’ Ashtamudi Lake. The resort gives you the same blissful vibe every time of the year. The backwaters cruises and the deepest estuaries make this an impeccable place to celebrate the feeling of love.

Club Mahindra Binsar Villa, Uttarakhand

A lush green heaven awaits romantic couples at Club Mahindra Binsar Villa. Tucked deep inside the thick woods of Binsar, couples can reignite their romance in Australian log-cabins, which are a window to the most amazing scenery. This state-of-the-art resort and its surroundings will kindle the bond between you and your loved one and provide you with an unprecedented experience.

Club Mahindra Derby Green, Ooty

Snuck in the Blue Hills of Nilgiris, Ooty is considered as a paradise for honeymooners. Considered as the “Queen of Hill Stations,” Ooty is teasingly referred to as ‘Snooty Ooty’ by romantic couples. The place always leaves couples with pleasant memories, as they indulge in romantic sightseeing in miniature train and visit the Ooty’s historic race course. The beautiful Club Mahindra resort rests in the heart of Ooty. The well-built rooms of the resort surrounded by exquisite gardens, beautiful landscapes and lavished sights add more flair to your romance and gift you a cosy and tranquil stay.

Heritage Resorts by Club Mahindra

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Heritage Tourism is a different branch of tourism paying a greater emphasis on the “cultural aspects” attached with a location. Heritage tourism is more about visiting historical destinations and soaking in the indigenous culture, heritage, artefacts, and activities that embody its people and practices. Heritage tourism also involves the study of cultural, historic, and natural resources of that place.

Let us look at some of the finest heritage resorts options by Club Mahindra to visit the greatest heritage spots in India:

Club Mahindra Dharamshala:

The chalet style resort rests at the foothills of Dhauladhar range. The resort is a perfect destination for people looking for a relaxing and tranquil experience. The site is located at about 4 kms away from the main market of Dharamshala, which makes it close to the town hub. The best thing about this place is perhaps the view from the back of the resort, and if you are lucky, you might end up getting rooms that afford you that humbling view of the snow-clapped mountains lined ahead. You can imbibe all the glory of the nature, behold the beautiful sight of these mountains basking in the lawn gardens having your tea and snacks or may be playing outdoor games with your family.

Some of the best sight-seeing spots in Dharamshala are:

  • Trek to Triund and Ilaka
  • Trek to Aghanjar Mahadev Temple
  • Trek to Tea Garden
  • Pong Dam
  • Tour to Baba Baroh Temple

Club Mahindra Derby Green, Ooty

Ooty is considered as the “Queen of Hill Stations” and it is tucked deep in the Blue Hills of Niligiris. The place was established by the British during the 19th century, and it has a rather interesting moniker, ‘Snooty Ooty’. The place will leave you with a bunch of pleasant memories as you indulge in romantic sightseeing in miniature train and visit the historic Ooty’s race course. The Club Mahindra resort lies in the heart of Ooty. The opulent resort is a landmark in itself, and complements the beauty of Ooty in the finest fashion—the spacious rooms of the resorts surrounded by exquisite gardens, beautiful landscapes and lavished sights will help you relax, rejuvenate and soak in all the serenity around.

Some of the best sight-seeing spots in Ooty include:

  • Blue Mountain Tour
  • Coonoor Tour
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Charing Cross
  • Rose Garden
  • Ooty Lake

Club Mahindra Udaipur, Rajasthan

Pamper and spoil yourself with a royal treatment as you step into the Club Mahindra Udaipur resort. The resort is the perfect destination where royalty and heritage come together to celebrate the unconventional magic of Udaipur. The beautiful resort has a breath-taking surrounding that acts like a perfect rejuvenator to your mind, body and soul. The serene weather, verdant surroundings, and beatific stillness of the place provide you with the much-needed relaxation in a blissful way. The resort is arguably the greatest ode to the wealthy culture and heritage of the Rajputs.

Some of the best sight-seeing spots in Udaipur:

  • Bagore Ki Haveli
  • City Palace
  • Gulab Bagh and Zoo
  • Jag Mandir
  • Monsoon Palace
  • Nehru Garden
  • Sukhadia Circle

All the three resorts reflect the heritage of the places they belong to, and are designed in a manner to enrich your holiday experience in the best possible way. To make the most of it, contact the nearest sales person/fill up the website form to find all about Club Mahindra membership fees. Let us know how you enjoyed your experience by leaving your response in the Club Mahindra feedback section of the website.

Activities and Cuisines in the Club Mahindra Manali Resort

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Each Club Mahindra resort is unique in its own way, bringing forth the cultural flavours in small ways. To provide you with an abundantly fulfilling experience, every resort is designed to offer you with several unparalleled recreation activities and workshops, which differ according to the location of the resorts. Let us take you through a tour of Club Mahindra’s unique resort offerings.


Grand mountains and rich meadows are the major attractions for every visitor at Manali. The spacious resort is situated in the heart of rosy apple orchards, offering its guests with foot-stopping sights of the hillsides, complimented with occasional herd and abundant fields.

A) Must-see destinations

Manali has plethora of sight-seeing destinations and fascinations tours including Rohtang tour, Manikaran tour, Temple tour, Naggar tour, Janna waterfall, Bijli Mahdev tour, and Prashar lake.

B) Speciality Dishes

You can feast yourself to local dishes like Prini Tawa Tali Trout, Kale Chana Ka Khatta, Rajmah Madra, Pahari Meat, Himachali Dhaam with Natti.  

C) Outdoor activities

The Club Mahindra Manali resort has arranged a variety of activities throughout the week for its members.


10:00 am— Paintball Target Shooting.

11:00 am— Little artist – Shell Bound.

12:00 pm— Salsa Dance Class.                                           

02:00 pm— Family Movie show.

04:00 pm— Towel Origami Art.

04:30 pm— Signature Hunt.

05:30 pm— T.T. Tournament

06:00 pm— One Minute Games

07:30 pm— Karaoke Night with Newspaper Hungama


10:00 am— Morning Trek.

11:00 am— Little artist- Hobby Family

12:00 pm— Guitar Class

02:00 pm— Kids Movie show.

04:00 pm— Napkin Folding Session

04:30 pm— Fire Scavenger Hunt.

05:30 pm— Carom Tournament

06:00 pm— Drawing Contest.

07:30 pm— Quiz Night with Games


10:00 am— Kids Picnic.

11:00 am— Little artist – Folk Fusion.

12:00 pm— Basket the ball contest

02:00 pm— Karaoke Afternoon.

04:00 pm— Tattoo Session.

04:30 pm— Nature Hunt

05:30 pm— Pool Tournament

06:00 pm— Lawn Games.

07:30 pm— Party Games


10:00 am—River Side Night Camping.

11:00 am— Little artist – Finger Painting.

12:00 pm— Salsa Dance Class.

02:00 pm— Family Movie show.

04:00 pm— Happy Hour.

04:30 pm— Memory Contest.

05:30 pm— Chess Tournament.

06:00 pm— Balloon Hungama.                                         

07:30 pm— Carnival Night & DJ.


10:00 am— One Day Hiking.

11:00 am— Little artist – Coasters.

12:00 pm— Guitar Class.

02:00 pm— Kids Movie show.

04:00 pm— Minute to win it.

04:30 pm— Treasure Hunt.

05:30 pm—T.T. Tournament.

06:00 pm— Dog & the Bone.                                   

07:30 pm— Himachali Nati


10:00 am— River Rafting.

11:00 am— Little artist – Mask Art.

12:00 pm— Kids dance class.

02:00 pm— One Minute Games.

04:00 pm— Mock tail class.

04:30 pm— Musical Games.

05:30 pm— Air hockey Contest.

06:00 pm— Handwriting Contest.                               

07:30 pm— Family Get-together.


10:00 am— Live Fish Pedicure.

11:00 am— Little artist – Tera Art.

12:00 pm— Happy Hours.

02:00 pm— Family Movie show.

04:00 pm— Chef Session.

04:30 pm— Nature Hunt.

05:30 pm— Carom Tournament.

06:00 pm— Essay writing.                                       

07:30 pm— Talent Night.

Check out the overwhelming Club Mahindra Reviews for Manali resort in order to know more about the user experiences and travelogues all across the web.

How to make the best of your stay at Club Mahindra Coorg Resort?

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Coorg is steeped with history; one of the interesting historical aspects being that the Queen Victoria of England was the godmother of a Coorg princess. Coorg is often fondly referred to as “the Kashmir of Karnataka” or “Scotland of India.” It is a highly renowned tourist destination known for its coffee plantations and ethnic warrior people. Coorg is rated as one of the top hill stations in India, and is home to some of the most colourful wildlife spectacles; it has three wildlife sanctuaries and one national park. What makes Coorg the finest vacation spot in the country is its fine mist, temperate climate and lush greenery.

Club Mahindra has a grasp of this beautiful destination and has mindfully constructed a state-of-the-art resort for all its members. Built in a sprawling coffee plantation, this resort is certain to leave you with strong aromas associated with your holiday memories of Coorg. The resort keeps all its members entertained by organizing plethora of indoor and outdoor activities.

Let us look at some of the indoor activities for you to indulge in:


Club Mahindra ensures that each part of your family is making the best out of the offerings. The workshops at Club Mahindra Coorg Resort leave you with a revitalising experience. You can have a fabulous time figuring out how to cook some of the most obscure cuisines from the resort experts, heating your own particular pots, and even make puppets and set up your own show.

Virtual World:

Virtual world is a paradise for gaming lovers.  You can feel the adrenaline racing at over 200mph, fly a jet plane, and even have a giant ape fight a dinosaur. You can also compete with the world’s best athletes by indulging in various sport-themed games and flaunt your skills with a grin.


Stay active by inviting some healthy competition. Club Mahindra provides you with cricket and golf sets, badminton racquets, football, and several other sporting equipment. If you are a ‘more-the-merrier’ person, you can also have the FunRovers to join you in your sport of interest.


Have fun learning how to knead, shape, dry, and bake your own clay. If you master the art and make it, you can even bring it home with you.

Now, moving on to some of the best sight-seeing destinations in Coorg

Iruppu Falls:

The bewildering Iruppu falls are believed to have a mythological origin, formed by the descent of a river over step-like rock forms. You can trek your way up to reach the falls to witness a breath-taking sight. Taking a shower from the Iruppu falls is considered to be holy.

Abbey Falls:

Visiting Abbey Falls is like venturing into an exciting trip that involves narrow roads, making its way through a mixture of steep ups and downs, sinuous turns, and wriggles through the verdant and dense coffee plantation. The trip can be an extremely uplifting experience.

Dubare Elephant Camp

The camp is located about 42 kilometers away from the resort on the way to Kushalnagar. You can have the amazing experience of giving a bath, scrubbing, and feeding the elephants at Duabre Forest. The activities are conducted in the morning; make sure you carry extra clothes and towel.

To make the most of these above-mentioned avenues and bask in a lovely stay, find out more about Club Mahindra membership fees, and gift yourself a lifetime vacationing bliss.

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