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With life moving at an ever-increasing pace, it is imperative that people take a respite every once in a while from their ever-chaotic lives. Working tirelessly all day drains you, leaves you jaded. An escape to a quiet and peaceful holiday destination is the best way to go about when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

While you frequently get to hang out with people at work, in the neighbourhood, or family and friends, you rarely get time to acquaint with your spiritual side. Club Mahindra brings to you an experience of divine spiritual awakening, helping you get in touch with nature, and involving you in activities that would soothe and calm your senses. Mentioned below are a few places that Club Mahindra offers where one can visit hallowed ground along with a comfortable and tranquil stay.

Club Mahindra Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a union territory located in the southern part of India. Colonial buildings can be seen everywhere in this city, preserving the colonial ambience of this place. One of the best places to stay in if you intend to visit Pondicherry is Club Mahindra Pondicherry, which can make the stay relaxing as well as rejuvenating. You can visit Auroville, the City of Dawn, during your stay. It is a township founded in 1968 as a universal town where people from all over the world come here in the search of some peace and harmony. Its focus is ‘unity among all’. Sir Aurobindo Ashram is another place one can visit to get in touch with their spiritual side. The library in the ashram and the craft centres are places one must visit in the ashram to learn more about the place.

Club Mahindra Binsar Valley

In the quiet regions of Kumaon in Uttarakhand lies Binsar—a sleepy hamlet known for its picturesque views. This place definitely succeeds in bringing one closer to nature. Club Mahindra Binsar Valley is another place that helps one to tap into their spiritual side. While here, one can take a tour of shrines in and around Binsar Valley. The Patal Bhubaneshwar Tour, the Gananath Tour, and Jogeshwar Tour are among a few pilgrimage tours one can take while staying at Club Mahindra Binsar Valley. The majestic snow-covered Himalayan peaks can be seen from the top of the Binsar Valley, along with the Chaukhamba ranges, the Trishul ranges, the Nanda Devi, Shivling, and the Panchachuli ranges. On sunny days, a glimpse of the Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Gangotri shrine can be seen from the Binsar Valley.

Club Mahindra Coorg

Surrounded by lush green coffee plantations, Club Mahindra Madikeri in Coorg has a lot to offer to people looking for a transcendent vacation. One can visit the Golden Temple and also take the Talacauvery Tour and the Madikeri Tour to fulfil one’s desire of spiritual awakening. The Iruppu Falls in Coorg also have mythological origins. Visiting this place to understand its origins also can help in nourishing one’s spirit with knowledge.

If you wish to make the most of these divine destinations, do check out Club Mahindra membership fees by calling the Sales Manager and quickly enrol yourself.

Best Club Mahindra resorts for Photography Enthusiasts

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A photographer shouldn’t give birth to a place; a place should give birth to a photographer. Certain places captivate your mind so much that you feel helplessly compelled to capture that moment and take it back with you as memories. Fortunately, India is blessed with a plethora of such breath-taking locations that turn into mesmerizing pieces of art if clicked properly. Clicking a picture has become an extremely easy task, thanks to technology. Just with the help of a click, you can capture any moment in the blink of an eye and treasure it forever.  The trend of clicking selfies has taken the nation by storm and everybody is going hysterical trying to make their presence felt at the most scenic places.

Club Mahindra has a strong reputation in the vacation ownership domain for providing its members with resorts across the most beautiful places in India. In this article, we have encapsulated some of the best locations for photography in India together with the finest resorts by Club Mahindra at those locations.

Club Mahindra Nawalgarh, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a blissful and royal paradise, filled with colours and different ethnic cultural stories. Rajasthan has always been a paradise for photographers, as the city is filled with colours and variety of historical forts and palaces.

Complementing the beauty of Rajasthan is the regal resort of Club Mahindra Nawalgarh. The interiors of the resort is a visual bliss, as it exhibits a sense of harmony between the European and Rajput architectures. The resort is surrounded by farms and meadows, with trees dotting in the backdrop.

The guestrooms in the resort are extremely spacious and tastefully decorated. The interiors of the rooms are adorned with stunning paintings, which create a perfect setting for a scenic holiday. Guests in the resort are also offered facilities such as swimming pool, in-house laundry service and souvenir shop.

Club Mahindra Munnar, Kerala

Munnar has always been one of the most crowd-pulling destinations in India. People from all across the globe head towards Munnar in search of some peace and tranquillity. The place is a dream destination for photography enthusiasts because of its large expanse of tea plantations, pristine valleys, and rugged mountains.

The Club Mahindra Munnar resort is an epitome of comfort and magnificence. The resort offers 120 spacious and lavish apartments, suites, and cottages that will instantly remain with you long after you are gone. All the rooms in the resort are well-equipped with latest amenities like dry kitchenette, sofa cum bed, double bed, telephone, CCTV, and room heaters.

Club Mahindra Baiguney, Sikkim

Sikkim has always been a hotspot for people who seek a tranquil, pristine holiday, and yes, even those interested in bird photography. The place is highly renowned for breeding more than 500 species of birds. Sikkim is one of the best places in India to spot mountain birds.

The beautiful Club Mahindra resort is a mesmerising sight, as it is surrounded by mountains with a stunning view of the River Rangeet. The resort is spread across 12 acres of land, and it is architecturally designed to make the best out of its natural surroundings. Visitors are offered with 21 spacious air-conditioned rooms. This resort also affords you with in-house spa for relaxation and gymnasium to help you sweat it out and relieve your stress.

You can go through Club Mahindra feedback that is up on myriad of websites to get a grasp of all the offerings that you benefit with Club Mahindra membership.

Five Reasons to Consider Vacation Ownership

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Vacations are necessary to rejuvenate your mind and body. However, choosing a destination, availing accommodation, arranging the travel itinerary, etc. are some of the few things that will make your vacation plans difficult to implement. What if you were presented with an option that offers you confirmed vacation to one of the desirable vacations spot in the country every year?

Vacation ownership membership offers the convenience of enjoying a vacation to an exotic spot every year for a one-time fee. You can enjoy luxury accommodation at some of the most desirable destinations, even during peak seasons, depending on the type of membership you avail.

If you are still hesitant to avail vacation ownership membership, then the following five reasons will surely compel you to get one.

1> Encourages you to take yearly Vacation

Club Mahindra Vacation ownership membership will guarantee you a confirmed holiday slot to any of its 44 resorts spread across India and abroad. You can book a 7-day vacation slot at any of the resorts of your choice depending on the availability.

2> Luxurious accommodation at reasonable rate

All the Club Mahindra resorts are known for its highest quality standards and luxury accommodation. Most of them are gold-crowned resorts that offer the luxury and comfort of five-star accommodation at a reasonable price.

3> Avail Vacation for the next 25 years at Today’s price

When you book Club Mahindra Vacation ownership today, you will be able to enjoy vacation for the next 25 years to some of the most desirable locations around the country and abroad at today’s price. The only charge you have to pay is the annual fees, which is nominal. However, when you do the calculations, you will surely find vacation ownership as a cost effective option as against resort booking.

4> You can gift it to your loved ones

By paying a small transfer fee, you will be able to gift the vacation slot for a year to any of your family members or friends. With vacation ownership, not only will you get the benefit of enjoying vacations but also your loved ones will get the advantage.

5> Exchange your Vacation Slot with RCI

RCI membership is available with Club Mahindra Vacation ownership membership. Through this membership, you will be able to trade your vacation slot with RCI with vacation bookings at some of the most exotic resorts around the world. Check out Club Mahindra membership feedback to get a taste of different experiences, such as the workshops and activities to opt for, in order to make the most of your stay here.

Experience of Capt. S.M.Mehra at Club Mahindra Kerala Resorts

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Kerala is popular as God’s own country. It is an enchanting paradise blessed with pristine beaches and scenic hill stations. Every year, hundreds of tourists travel to this exotic place to escape the worries of everyday life and enjoy a blissful escape from hustle and bustle of life. One such interesting story is about Captain S.M. Mehra who booked a vacation to Kerala and decided to stay at Club Mahindra Kumarakom resort.

Captain S.M.Mehra has proudly served the Indian Air Force as a Bomber Pilot. He served IAF as a Bomber pilot and took part in Goa liberation in 1961. He was inducted in Air India and flew all over the network visiting places such as Australia, Fiji, Nandi, Europe, and Russia. After serving a short stint in Air Mauritius, he returned back to Air India for 747 Training. He was chief checking pilot on 747 checking Cmdrs that flew over Atlantic sector from London to NYC. Later he was posted in Perth, Sydney, and London; he continued to fly VVIPs in 747 to US and UN conferences. He had an honor to fly with Late President Zail Singh, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

He has been to over 25 resorts and is fond of travelling, photography, and writing. Recently, he and his wife visited Kumarakom and Poovar resorts, which are only 290kms apart.

He has visited several other resorts and shared a couple of Club Mahindra membership reviews describing his experience. After visiting Kerala resorts, he has shared his experience in the following review.

Here are the exact words in which he describes his experience at Kerala resorts:

We feel, visits to Club Mahindra resorts really rejuvenates a person and feel completely relaxed and pampered by the great hospitality of the resort staff members. In five years, since joining Club Mahindra, we have visited almost 16 resorts, North/south/east/west and found the same super standard maintained by Club Mahindra. Specially, retired elderly couples feel at home away from home. This time, we visited Kumarakom and Poovar both resorts are away to each other by 290 KMS.

20150428020046 (1) -At Kumarakom

Kumarakom reminded us of Venice in Italy. Backwater goes winding through the resort. Each independent AC cottage is situated on the banks of this small canal going through. Small bridges connect to swimming pool, dining Hall and activity center. Lawns are well spread near the back waters where one can relax and the old couple can go through the memory lane. Food is very tasteful and plenty in variety. We experienced life time celebration of our wedding anniversary. Surprisingly the resort Member relations knew about the date and gave us a surprise, with our room decorated with balloons/flowers/candles and Beautiful cake and staff joining in when we returned after a beautiful Shikara Ride in the back waters.

There the hospitality bar was raised so high that we never expected that in poovar resort, they could match it. Poovar came up to our expectations. Poovar resort was started only last year but maintained very well apart from the Taxi service which is controlled by the Taxi union outside the gate. Members have to shell out more for any ride. We discussed the matter with Resort Mgr. and gave him our suggestions, he gratefully accepted and promised to sort it out. Ride through the back waters and a walk on the Golden beach at sunset is worth remembering. Staff at both the resorts treated us like a head of family, gave us affectionate service with a perpetual smile.

Thanks Club Mahindra.

Experience the best of Kanha National Park with the best of Club Mahindra

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Welcome to Kanha, a land of plush sal and bamboo forest, verdant meadows, and ravines. It is this mesmerizing beauty of Kanha that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the historically famous novel “Jungle Book.” Founded in the year 1974, Kanha National Park is stunning expanse in the grand state of Madhya Pradesh. The National Park is also the core of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, which was also created in 1974 under Project Tiger. The biggest achievement of the park is the preservation of the rare hard ground Swamp Deer (Barasingha), protecting it from near extinction. The flora and fauna is well protected, thanks to the stringent conservations programs, making this park one of most well-retained National Parks in India.

One of the major attractions within the park is called Bamni Dadar, which is popular by the name Sunset Point. The location offers some of the most picturesque views of the sunset against cropping Sambhars and Gaurs, which amplifies the natural magnificence of the area. Apart from its varied wildlife and bird population, Kanha wildlife sanctuary is highly renowned for the frequent sight-seeing of Tigers roaming around in the wild.

Club Mahindra understands the passion that is chained in every traveller visiting Kanha National Park. Just to make sure that they have a perfect abode to rest and have fun with their loved ones, Club Mahindra has heedfully setup a state-of-the-art resort.

Located 155 km away from Jabalpur Airport, 153 km away from Adhartal Railway Station and approximately 81.8 km away from Baihar Bus Stand, the Club Mahindra resort is snuggled amidst one of the most densely forested areas which houses elephants, tigers, and sure footed deers.

The state-of-the-art resort affords you with comfortable and well-equipped rooms. All rooms are well-fitted with modern amenities such as air condition, satellite TV, tea/coffee maker, and heater. You can also avail laundry services, airport transfer, airport and railway transfer.

The resort organizes fun activities for your entire family. You can indulge in outdoor sports by borrowing sports equipment like cricket bat and ball, football, badminton racquets. You can challenge your creativity by indulging in creative workshops.

Sight-seeing locations 

1. Kanha National Park

Spread over an extensive area of 2000 sq. km., Kanha National Park is located between the mountain tops of Majkal and Satpura. It is a home to an extensive variety of fauna. The region acquired the status of a sanctuary in the year 1933, which was later changed to tiger reserve in 1975. Animals such as tiger, gaur, bison, sambar, leopard, barking deer, and many other animals can be spotted here.
2. Jungle Safari, Kanha

The jungle safari gives you the perfect opportunity to watch the animals in a friendly setting, without upsetting their daily lives. The open vehicle takes you on a ride through dense forests, and lets you spot any small animal that would end up sneaking into the meadow. Inside the jungle there is a lodge. The lodge has a library, which has a brilliant collection of books, magazines, and videos about wildlife.
3. Kanha Museum, Kanha

Kanha Museum is inside the Kanha National Park. The museum is the perfect place to have the complete know-how of the topography of the park and its other various aspects.

Find out all about this place and more from the detailed Club Mahindra feedback and reviews across different channels online.

Indulge in Royalty of Club Mahindra Heritage Resorts

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In India, perhaps the most immediate association that we’d have with the notions of “royalty” is the magnificent state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the largest state in India, and is also a part of the golden triangle of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Most of us know Rajasthan for its grandeur of palaces and forts and teeming bazaars. However, few are aware that Rajasthan is home to Kalibhanga, one of the older known ruins of the Indus valley civilization. Moreover, the Aravalli mountain ranges that lie towards the south-central Rajasthan are known for being the oldest mountains in the world.

Rajasthan has always been gifted with natural splendour and royal history. The cities in Rajasthan offer a colourful blend of blue, pink, red, and green that offers a lovely sprinkling of colour in an otherwise barren desert landscape.

Club Mahindra appreciates the beauty and royalty that is offered by Rajasthan, and wants all its members to live the highly enriching experience. With this vision in mind, Club Mahindra has set up some of the finest resorts in Rajasthan for you and your family to indulge in.

Club Mahindra, Jaisalmer

The desert resort is extremely fascinating with a plethora of places to explore and plenty of activities to partake in. Jaisalmer is an enlightening place that has a variety of offerings for every traveller. Known for being a border town, Jaisalmer shelters the striking Jaisalmer Fort, a fossil park and many more fascinations. Amenities in the resort rooms include fireplaces and tea/coffee makers. All rooms are equipped with LCD TVs, desks, and phones. Bathrooms are afforded with showers, slippers, and courtesy toiletries.

Club Mahindra Udaipur, Rajasthan

Get ready to pamper and receive a royal and imperial treatment as you enter the Club Mahindra Udaipur resort. This is a perfect destination where you can witness the fine blend of royalty and heritage and celebrate the magic of Udaipur. The stunning resort offers you breath-taking backdrops that give perfect relaxation to your mind, body, and soul. The tranquil weather, the lush green surrounding, and magnetic charm of the place offer you with the perfect vacationing experience to soothe your senses. The resort is a textbook proof of the rich culture and flamboyance of the Rajputs.

Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh

Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is an exquisite property that is evocative of the gorgeous art of the Rajput era. The place is just 5-km away from the second longest wall in the world. The resort offers you 69 well furnished rooms that are both spacious and aesthetically designed. All rooms features dry kitchenette, sofa-cum-bed, telephone, satellite TV, and other important amenities. Club Mahindra Kumbalgarh resort houses a buffet restaurant, an outdoor Gazebo restaurant, and a well-maintained swimming pool.

To make the most of it all, please contact the sales manager or log into the website in order to find out all about Club Mahindra membership fees and plan your vacation soon.

Make Most of RCI with Club Mahindra Membership

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Timeshare makes vacationing wonderful and amazing. With this, you get the opportunity to own suites in gold crown resorts or lavished condominiums for a fixed duration every year. Moreover, you get to immerse yourselves in the comfort and elegance of luxury amenities that make the vacation experience truly memorable.

Club Mahindra offers vacation ownership options that allow you to book a resort room at any of its 42 resorts located at exotic locations around the country. Be it a beach, forest destination, nature-trek or a hill-station, you will enjoy the same kind of hospitality, comfort, and luxury at each resort. Furthermore, in addition to basking in these luxurious havens, Club Mahindra also conducts several workshops and activities to keep you thrilled and engaged. There is never a dull moment.

For such fun-loving individuals who seek change and exclusivity in their every vacation experience, Club Mahindra offers an exclusive facility of exchanging a week-slot of timeshare holidays at any of its resorts with international resorts through RCI.

What is RCI?

RCI stands for Resort Condominium International; it is a holiday exchange program exclusively available for timesharing memberships. With over two million members registered with it, it is one of the largest holiday exchange networks that lets you exchange your holidays with any of the 6300 resorts available with different timesharing companies around the world.

Club Mahindra offers complimentary RCI membership of 2 years with every vacation ownership package. Under RCI, you are able to avail two kinds of holidays

  • Standard exchange: under this exchange, you will be required to deposit your vacation week slot for the present year with RCI to avail a resort booking
  • Bonus Week: Under this, you are able to buy a week without having to deposit any of your vacation week from membership.

How will you benefit with RCI?

You can book a resort in foreign countries in exchange of your yearly allocated vacation time depending on the availability of resorts, types of membership package, the type of accommodation you own, the season which you own, and the points allocated to you by the timeshare company. RCI membership will make your vacation experience truly unforgettable at a reasonable price; here are a few tips to go about it.

  • Most of the Club Mahindra resorts have been awarded Gold Crown award, they include resorts at Ashtamudi, Binsar valley, Cherai Beach, Corbett, Dharamshala, Emerald Palms-Goa, Derby Green-Ooty, Gir, Kanatal, Gangtok, Kumarakom, Kumbhalgarh, Madikeri, Munnar, Mashobra, Manali, Poovar, Mussoorie, Naukuchiatal, Virajpet, Varca Beach, Udaipur, and Thekkady. Thus, you are able to earn higher points with them. By using the points earned, you will be able to seek a similar standard resort at any destination of your choice, depending on the availability. This is not easily possible with regular resort bookings. To seek more information, check out the Club Mahindra feedback on myriads of websites all over.
  • Resort suites are available on per-night basis instead of the standard week-slots of time-share. Thus, you can book a suite for a small exchange fee, without having to pay the extravagant fees of accommodation.
  • As you are exchanging a week of gold crown resorts, you will get first preference to book resorts of similar quality. For that, you do not have to pay any kind of extra reservation fees.
  • Moreover, with RCI, you will be able to avail all luxury amenities available at the exchanged resorts. Thus, you can enjoy flexibility and indulge yourself in a variety of offerings.

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