4 International Destinations you can enjoy with Club Mahindra Membership!

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Whether at the beginning of the year or as the culmination of a tiring festive season, the idea of a well-deserved holiday to a foreign land is something that appeals to all of us, regardless of profession or age. Here are some exciting international hotspots where you can live your dream vacation, nothing but exclusive perks of your Club Mahindra membership fees!

Bangkok, Thailand

If the idea of Oriental culture and mesmerizing beaches is what gets you going, why not look visit Club Mahindra Bangkok in the bustling country of Thailand?

With the picturesque beach of Pattaya being just one among its many attractions, the best of Thailand remains in the town of Bangkok, complete with its floating markets and the ubiquitous tuk-tuks, bolstered by the favourable Club Mahindra feedback from patrons for it. True to the vibe of Bangkok, The Mac Boutique Suites are located in the middle of Bangkok’s business district with most attractions and sightseeing spots located about an hour from the hotel. Each room is spaciously crafted and well-furnished to give you the best when it comes to luxury.

With staff proficient in English and Hindi, getting around is a cakewalk. Take a breather at the rooftop gardens before you head out, or seek comfort in the varied dining options available in-house, with facilities like Wi-Fi ensuring that you have nothing to miss!

Dubai, UAE

Deserts are all about sun, sand, and sheikhs. However, the exception to its peers, Dubai is called the gateway to the East, with innumerable things to sample, experience and immortalize in one’s memory. And what better place to check in than at Club Mahindra’s Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments? Located in Bur Dubai, this property leaves no stone unturned to provide the best of comforts to you. The architecture is reminiscent of Art-Deco styles, with the minimalist colours keeping things airy and cool in the worst of the Arabian heat. Equipped with everything from Wi-Fi, a kitchenette, cuisine options nearby and even a department store, your stay is well-stocked for every eventuality. Let the staff find you every tour possible to places like the Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Desert Safaris to name a few. Explore on your own using the Dubai Metro and find the tranquil Jumeirah beach just as your day ends. It’s Dubai, after all!

Innsbruck, Austria

Tucked away in a mesmerizing sea of white snowy mountains, the Hotel Bon Alpina in Austria continues to attract patrons each year due to its fascinating location and décor. An affiliate hotel under the Club Mahindra banner, a stay here entitles you access to some truly memorable attractions such as the Golden Roof monument, the marvellous Ambras palace or the Imperial Church here, called the Hofkirche. With one able to sample the best of adventure activities such as the New Bergisel Ski Jump, the gorgeous snow-clad peaks only serve as the backdrop to a fairytale vacation.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Looking over the edges of the South Lake in Mines Resort City, the Malaysia Heritage Suites have it all to take good care of you and your loved ones. Right from its soothing architecture to good connectivity to every attraction including the National Theatre, the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur Gardens and the Petronas Towers to name a few, the list of possibilities here is endless, be it the mouth-watering Malay fare or even sightseeing via the metro!

One can choose the best option simply by looking up Club Mahindra reviews or walking into a Club Mahindra office. So come right in, to have the vacation you’ve always dreamed of!

Indulge in Adventurous Activities at Club Mahindra Mount Serene Resort

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A breath-taking hill station snuggled in the state of Kerala, Munnar—named after the confluence of the three rivers that flow here—is a sight to behold all throughout the year. With sprawling lush green tea plantations, undulating expanses of valleys and hills, and an abundance of wildlife, Munnar is one of the most visited tourist destinations for everything it offers. With the serenity and beauty it offers and holds, one cannot deny the compulsion this place exerts to be held captive by its splendour.

Nestled in the Idukki district of Munnar in God’s own country, Club Mahindra Mount Serene Resort is a haven for those looking for a tranquil place to vacation in. With its panoramic views and mesmerising beauty, the place makes you aware of every arresting sight that would leave one spellbound. Comfortable accommodations, sumptuous meals, and various workshops held at the resort, Club Mahindra offers their members the best of the stay by ensuring that they want for nothing. Apart from the tranquillity it offers, this place is also perfect for those who love partaking in adventurous activities. Some of the activities one can undertake while holidaying at Club Mahindra Mount Serene Resort are mentioned below.


Trekking involves trudging through trails at heights while exploring nature. Club Mahindra Mount Serene Resort has an abundance of hills around that you can scale as you trek through them. One can explore the hills as they tread through the paths to the gushing Attukal falls that most trekkers fancy. Anamudi peak, too, is famous for being a trekker’s paradise with its enchanting views and the tea museum that one can visit when weary.


The Mattupettey Dam and Lake, with the ever-increasing tourism has begun activities like boating where one can avail speed launches, slow speed boats, and motor boats to make the most of their vacation at Munnar. The water sport activities held here are without doubt engaging and fun, allowing you to have wonderful time while at Munnar.

Wildlife observation

Apart from the spice and tea plantations, Munnar is also renowned for its wildlife. The exotic species of flora and fauna at the Eravikulam National Park and the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary make for most of the tourism at Munnar. One can see various species of animals and plants, and also go bird-watching at the sanctuaries to feel one with nature.

Club Mahindra Mount Serene offers all these opportunities to you to have a memorable holiday with family and friends. You can also check out Club Mahindra reviews and feedbacks of members and Club Mahindra membership details to know more about the resorts.

The Most Sought After Club Mahindra Resorts!

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For all of the connotations of relaxing and peacefulness, pitching yourself as the right holiday destination is a serious business. Most people around the world who look for an ideal vacation are very particular about their needs and wants, which often include the most specific of requests and requirements. One such aspect that often ranks at the top of tourists’ list is a commendable level of performance at the overall level, something that most successful chains of holiday resorts worldwide have been able to reasonably live up to. True to this aspect, Club Mahindra too attempts to keep up a benchmark worthy of excellence and acclaim, evident in five of its most sought-after properties across India and overseas, namely:

Mount Serene Munnar
Located in the misty hills of Munnar, this resort is a member favorite since its inception. Right from its ethereal location overlooking the green-capped tea plantations, to its quaintly done infrastructure that will have patrons relaxing for hours in the balcony, the resort is as close to flawless as one can get. With a sprawling area devoted to recreation and regular tours to natural and commercial attractions in and around Munnar, Mount Serene is arguably the king of Club Mahindra!

Club Mahindra Binsar Valley
One of the hidden gems in the Garhwal Region, Binsar may be unassuming due to the lack of tourist activity. However its tall deodars, picturesque views of the Himalayas and chilly breeze make it the perfect refuge for a hermit in the heart of Uttarakhand. While the resort itself is a sprawling expanse with its own spin-off of Villas, the accommodation and hospitality have kept members warm and cared for since years, a characteristic of everything Uttarakhand stands for!

Club Mahindra Varca, Goa
One of its more glamorous properties, Varca Beach provides those looking for some surf-and-turf with the perfect kind of environment to let their hair down, embrace the sun and frolic in the sand. With its own shack and souvenir shop, it lets you take back some memories as the multiple dining options and beach keep you glued to the experience right till when you must absolutely get back to real life.

Club Mahindra Ashtamudi
With the backwater experience calling people by the hundreds to it each year, Ashtamudi is no different. Situated close to the ‘lake of eight corners’, the resort is a slice of the original Southern way of living. This is evident right from the deliciously ethnic food to the houseboats on the lake and backwaters that will leave you spellbound and seduced by the sheer power of nature.

Club Mahindra Virajpet, Coorg
Located deep within the jungles of Kodagu, the Virajpet resort is a giant resting among the trees. Right from the spacious row-houses to the large expanse devoted to swimming, bird-watching and strolling it the private garden, this resort gives patrons the complete package, right from cuisine suited to every taste to tours of the markets in and around Virajpet and Coorg, all while you lose yourself in the mystical greenery around this district.

To fully avail the best of the activities and facilities, check out Club Mahindra membership fees online and promise yourself a vacation for the next 25 years.

How is Club Mahindra a Friendly Abode for your Kids?

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To make your holidays memorable and less taxing to plan, Club Mahindra with their wonderful holiday plans and comfortable dwellings, has been the abode for vacationers for years now. From the beginning of your journey until the end, you can be sure of having a memorable holiday that you would remember for the rest of your life. With hotels and resorts all over India and a few abroad, you can be sure to have a home to holiday in wherever you wish to go.

Club Mahindra resorts offers its member a delightful stay in the most stunning parts of the country with breath-taking views and state-of-the-art amenities. Apart from having various fun and adventurous activities such as trekking, evening entertainment for guests, and sports, Club Mahindra ensures that children, too, get the most of their stay at their resorts by arranging various interesting and entertaining activities for them. Some of the child-friendly activities provided by Club Mahindra are mentioned below.

Kid’s Club

The Club Mahindra staff are happy to chaperone your kids and take care of them for some part of the day, wherein they play with the kids and entertain them while you unwind and relax yourselves. With so many kids getting together, the children are bound to make new friends and have a wonderful time playing with them.

Virtual World

For kids who love video games, the virtual is the perfect place to let them be. With an amazing collection of video games that would keep your children occupied, you can leave your children to enjoy by themselves while you take a tour around that you know your child would crib in.

Creative Corner

Club Mahindra has a creative corner organised for both kids and their parents where you can unearth your talents, or perhaps polish them. With painting, craft kits, and hobby kits available, one can choose what they love to do the most and have a wonderful time creating things.


There are several workshops organised by Club Mahindra for the entire family where one can choose the workshop they wish to attend during their free time. From baking pots, cooking, puppet making and puppet shows, one can learn a lot along with having fun at the workshops organised.

Magic shows

Club Mahindra also organises magic shows for the entire family with the magician making coins appear and disappear, pulling out an endless string of colourful handkerchiefs from your pockets, and a lot more.
With wonderful opportunities for your children to meet new friends and develop their talents and skills, your kids are bound to have a fun time learning along with having the time of their lives. You can also check out Club Mahindra reviews and feedback to know more about the activities offered by Club Mahindra.

Five Reasons to Choose Club Mahindra as a Vacation Partner

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The everyday humdrum routine tends to take a toll on our vigour and vitality such that we crave to break free from its clutches and enjoy a few moments of amusement and fun. Vacations call for rejuvenating escapes, away from the monotony of everyday life. Such escapes restore the energy levels, thereby helping you continue work and chase your dreams.

Sandy beaches, pristine mountain sides, scenic hill stations, name an exotic place of your choice, and you will come across several vacation planners and trip makers. However, not everyone enjoys going through the hassles of booking tickets, choosing accommodation, and planning a travel itinerary at the place. For such individuals who wish to indulge in the finer things of life, Club Mahindra offers Vacation Ownership membership.

There are numerous reasons why you should choose to vacation with Club Mahindra. The top five are listed below:

  1. Access to over 40+ Resorts

Very few travel companies in India will provide access to over 44 resorts exquisitely designed resorts that have awesomeness and extravagance written all over them. These resorts are beautifully designed to offer the highest level of comfort and luxury, thus ensuring that you enjoy a relaxing stay here at Club Mahindra resort.

  1. Confirmed Vacation Each Year

Everyone is excited with the prospect of going on a vacation. However, making arrangements for one is often difficult for individuals. With Club Mahindra, you will get to enjoy a confirmed vacation of 7 nights and 8 days at some of the most exotic places around India and abroad.

  1. Freedom to Choose Apartment of Your Choice

We know that different people have different needs, so a standard hotel room or resort suite will not fit every family. To promise you the best of comfort and luxury, Club Mahindra provides three types of apartments – Studio, One Bedroom, and Two Bedroom. You can choose them at the time of availing membership.

  1. Loads of Recreational Activities

To make your vacation truly amusing and fun-filled, Club Mahindra offers numerous recreational activities. Get acquainted with a new passion by attending one of the workshops, push yourself to the limit by engaging in adventure sports, and marvel the beauty of nature through trekking. With several workshops to attend and recreational activities to indulge in, your stay here will be truly refreshing.

  1. Travel the world with RCI

With Club Mahindra Membership, you also get complimentary RCI membership. Using this facility, you are able to exchange your annual vacation slot for a resort suite at any of the 4000+ international resorts. This way, you are able to travel the world without having to worry about expensive accommodation.

Gift yourself a memorable Thai experience with Club Mahindra!

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Be it the middle of a week or the start of a new financial year, the prospect of a well-served holiday is always favoured by anyone who works a day job and longs to take a break away from the whereabouts of the concrete jungle of cities. Now, if you are already done with the usual spots in and around the country, then why not look outside of it towards the alluring lands of Thailand?

With a multitude of attractions such as the picturesque beach of Pattaya, Thailand has much to offer. One of the best spots to explore is the city of Bangkok – a place famous for its floating markets and iconic tuk-tuks that transport you from one point to another in the bustling metropolis.

Fortunately, if a trip to this place ever falls on your calendar, then look no further than Club Mahindra Bangkok, one of the marquee properties that is designed to fulfil all your accommodation needs and desires, thus promising you the best of comforts and luxuries.

The Mac Boutique Suites are a combination of old, new, urban and rustic architectures. They are located in the heart of Bangkok’s business district and share half-an-hour drive proximity to the most eminent places and hotspots. Each room is spaciously designed and well-furnished to offer you the best when it comes to luxury.

If you are not comfortable to taste the Thai palate, then the Indian cuisine, offered at in-house diner, is available for members. Apart from the restaurants, facilities like Wi-Fi ensure that nothing is amiss for patrons. The staff here is well trained to help you out; they are proficient in English and Hindi and help you pick the best locales, be it for shopping, sightseeing, dining or otherwise. If you are not in the mood for exploring or eating, unwind at the rooftop gardens as you decide where to head out once your energy is back.

There is a whole world of possibilities to explore outside of the premises of the Mac Boutique Suites. While traveling with your family, you can leave your children right back at the hotel’s Fun Zone and step out to explore Bangkok. With a good network of transport, one can hail cabs for places such as the amazing Safari World, with its collection of wildlife on exhibit, or even take the Canal tours, wherein one can immerse themselves in shopping via shopkeepers selling their wares right off the boats! If one is not in the mood for pure entertainment, the prospect of visiting the Grand Palace or marvelling at the Great Emerald Buddha can be interesting for you. Besides these, the mouth-watering street food or the hundreds of shopping spots are likely to keep you busy for long hours, before its time to go back to the rooms.

With a rapid transit system available for convenience in the form of Bangkok’s Metro station (where the nearest station is 2 minutes away from Mac Boutique Suites) it is easier than ever for a patron here to get out into the town on their own! You can check out the array of Club Mahindra membership feedbacks on the website to understand how members maximise their experience during the stay.

So walk right in and grab the Thai experience that you will remember for a lifetime!

Enjoy the Rustic Delights of Poovar

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A beautiful coastal village in the state of Kerala, Poovar is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular destinations in all of Southern India with the charm and appeal it holds. Once a trading centre for all business activities, the delightful town of Poovar is now considered a famous tourist destination in India. Although not well known, the beauty that the place holds makes one long to visit it over and over again. Poovar is also among the rare places to witness the confluence of the sea, river, and lake and the land.

Club Mahindra, with their various properties all over the world, offers its members the perfect opportunity to travel and explore places that one always dreams of visiting. Poovar is among the places where one can enjoy the luxuries that the Club Mahindra resort affords, providing you to have an unforgettable stay here.

With beautiful cottages that have a rustic look about them, Club Mahindra Poovar provides luxurious rooms that are comfortable to live in. Brick pathways that connect cottages together give it a wonderful feel of living in tranquil settlement. The green grass beds surrounding every cottage, too, make it all the more appealing and peaceful to stay. For those who wish for some privacy, private pool villas are also available where you can spend warmer days. Along with a comfortable stay, Club Mahindra Poovar also offers sumptuous meals to appease your palette. From your breakfast to your dinner, the professional and efficient employees at Club Mahindra look after your every need, letting you make the most of your vacation.

The resort also offers many workshops and a creative corner to keep your kids entertained by learning new things. This allows them to hone their talents and gain new hobbies by interacting with other kids and making new friends. Evening entertainment sessions are also held where guests can partake in karaoke, talent shows, games, and watch ethnic performances specially performed for guests. To avail and make the most of the sundry activities available, visit the website, find out all about the Club Mahindra membership fees, choose your preferred holiday option, and promise yourself a vacation of a lifetime.

While in Poovar, one can definitely not miss out on all the sights the town has to offer. The pristine beach of Poovar, which is one of its prominent attractions finds very few visitors, making it the perfect place to relax in with your loved ones. You can also visit the Kovalam beach, which sees more tourists, if you wish to mingle with other tourists. For those who love adventure, trekking on the Ponmudi Hill Station is a must-visit for you with an amazing and picturesque trail leading to the top, followed by breath-taking views from the top.

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