Weekend Getaways near Mumbai to Enjoy In

Holidays offer the necessary respite away from the humdrum of everyday life, giving you the much needed space and time to while away from the city, rejuvenating your senses. While work-related stress is definitely known to deteriorate your well-being, a break away in the company of nature, with your loved ones, is but necessary to keep your spiritsup. And when it is summer of Mumbai, every Mumbaikar will surely look forward to escape the humid heat which the city harbors while the sun shines bright.

Mumbai is a fast-paced city where everyone is on their toes, looking forward to put forth the best foot. So planning for long vacations might not be possible as per your work calendar, though your heart might wish to go wanderlust.

Keeping a track of your busy schedules, while emphasizing the fact that we all need to take a leave from our everyday routine, Club Mahindra offers two of the finest resorts for you to enjoy a mini-vacation. They are listed as follows:

Club Mahindra Sherwood, Mahabaleshwar

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A gorgeous hill-station in the Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar is a five hour drive south of Mumbai that sees hordes of tourists every year. Being so close to the city of Mumbai, it is undoubtedly one of the first holiday destinations to come to mind when planning a short trip. Club Mahindra Sherwood is surrounded by lush greenery with beautiful pathways to stroll in and farms where one can pick fresh strawberries and carrots in. Having the perfect holiday touch to it, the breathtaking mountains around the resort give tourists an opportunity to go on a trek. What makes a stay there even more comfortable are the spacious accommodations, spa to rejuvenate yourselves in, scrumptious meals to gorge on, and the holiday activities the resort offers to keep you entertained and happy.

Club Mahindra Ganapatipule

Ganapatipule is a small yet stunning town about 333 kilometers from the city of Mumbai. Nestled on the Konkan coast, the Club Mahindra resort here offer a luxurious stay to members along with giving them a sense of serenity that is hard to find in a city like Mumbai. Perched on a hill, one can have a breath-taking view of the surrounding from the resort. The well-furnished rooms make for a comfortable stay for the duration of your holiday along with providing amenities such as a spa, swimming pool, a gymnasium for those who are health-conscious, a bar, as well as a kids’ play area for your children. The wonderful food served here, especially fish for non-veg lovers, would surely make you want you come back for more. One can also look forward to the many holiday activities and sightseeing opportunities offered by the resort.

So make your weekend exciting by looking up Club Mahindra membership fees on the website for more details.

Things to Do When You Are In Tamil Nadu

The southernmost state of India has become a tourist spot due to several reasons, some of the prime, undeniable ones are its culture, cuisine and beauty. If you have the privilege to visit Tamil Nadu, your itinerary should definitely include the following destinations:

Go trekking in the Nilgiri Mountains:


Few mountain ranges can match the exquisite beauty of the Nilgiris. Trekking in the Nilgiris will absolutely steal your breath away since this remarkable mountain range is lined with gushing waterfalls that pool to form peaceful lakes and harbor plentiful natural flora and fauna to offer you a pleasing experience. Pandiar Hills, Parsons Valley, Porthimund Lake, and Pykara Falls are among the many stunning stops that tourists generally admire while trekking in this region.

Relish the exotic dishes of the South:


It is no news that Tamil Nadu dishes up some of the tastiest, wholesome dishes man has ever tasted. In fact, the word ‘curry’ traces its roots back to the Tamil word ‘kari’. When in this state, one must make sure to start one’s day like the Tamilians do. You must be thinking of idlis and dosa but there is more to the breakfast platter here which includes the deliciously filling ‘koozh’ porridge. Other dishes that one must try are ‘Kothu Parotta’ (parotta with meat, eggs and spicy sauce), ‘Aviyal’ (vegetable stew) and ‘Kalaki’ (half-cooked omelette with chicken curry).

 Visit the awe-inspiring monuments of the state:

Tamil Nadu is famous all over the world for its rich heritage. It is home to the widely renowned Meenakshi Amman Temple at Madurai and the Brihadeeshwara temple in Thanjavur which annually draw millions of tourists. Apart from these, one may also visit the Dhyanlinga, Ramanathaswamy, Pancha Rathas temples and many more stunning monuments.

Enjoy priceless natural beauty:

Let us not forget that this is the state that houses the second longest urban beach in the world – the extensive 13 km long Marina Beach. Apart from a magnificent coastline and sprawling beaches, Tamil Nadu has a number of breathtaking hill stations such as Ooty, Yercaud, Kodaianal, etc. where you may breathe in unexploited clean air. Also, you can literally stand at the southernmost tip of the country and view the mind-blowing convergence of the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal, all at Kanyakumari.

Settle in one of the classiest resorts:

Well-known for hill-stations and tourists spot, travelers around the world folk around in Tamil Nadu. To offer them best-in-class accommodation along with lavish vacationing experience, Club Mahindra has resorts at Masinagudi and Kodaikanal. Equipped with modern amenities, you can while your time away engaging in recreational activities here. Numerous Club Mahindra reviews will give you a glimpse of various activities and facilities available here.

Spot some of the rarest wildlife species on the planet:

If you are an animal lover, you will be overjoyed to know that Tamil Nadu has a total of 37 protected areas to preserve wild flora and fauna. You may visit the immensely popular Indira Gandhi National Park to safely admire bears from a distance or the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary to catch a tiger lazing in its natural habitat. There are also many elephant reserves and bird sanctuaries to explore as well.

Make Your International Trip Possible with RCI

Vacations are certainly the best part of the year for most of us. With work taking a toll on our lives, we do need some breathing space to leave back our daily routine and enjoy an outing to rejuvenate our mind and body. The constant yearning for a holiday makes us even more frantic as holiday season draws closer. Even the small vacations we take, every now and then, might not be sufficient enough to titillate your vacation spirit.

Club Mahindra makes it possible for you to go on these trips you dream of all year round without having to bother about where you would stay once you reach the destination. With a number of resorts offering a comfortable stay to the guests, your holiday will never be the same with all the benefits you can avail as a Club Mahindra member. With a basket of offerings to explore, the top one to look out for is certainly the RCI facility.

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) allows Club Mahindra Membership holders to exchange their holidays with any member of another vacation ownership company from abroad.

RCI is broadly termed as Time Sharing or Vacation ownership exchange broker that allows members to trade or interchange their holiday slots at international level.  Subscribers of the RCI facility can easily exchange their vacation time for time at any international resorts around the world.  To facilitate this, RCI assigns Point Value to your vacation week held with any particular vacation ownership company. The value depends on several factors such as type of room you have availed, season, demand for the resort, and other evaluation factors. Every year, you are allocated points, which you can exchange for vacation time at more than 4,000 resorts worldwide.

Club Mahindra Munnar

Club Mahindra offering a 2 year RCI benefit upon becoming a member, you know you have got the best deal on a silver platter.

RCI offers a rather wonderful opportunity to members to escape into the peace and quiet they long for or, perhaps, set out on an adventurous tour on undiscovered terrains. One would hardly give up such an opportunity coming their way if they love traveling. Additionally, you will never have to compromise on the comfort and amenities provided as Club Mahindra offers the best-in-class resort rooms, state-of-the-art amenities, and every facility needed to make you feel cozy and comfortable.

Giving you a feeling of being at home along with the thrill of holidaying, RCI benefits have certainly have certainly managed to make our vacation ownership investments worthy.

So check out the reviews and Club Mahindra Membership Fees details and do opt for vacationing abroad subscribing the RCI facility.

Best Travel Destinations for Solo Women Travelers

Henry David Thoreau once said, “I never once found a companion as companionable as solitude.” Travelling with one or more companions is surely a nice thing to do, but it’s only when you travel alone that you tend to appreciate the things surrounding you in a different manner. Without the distractions of incessant chatter and small talk, you will find yourself noticing the people on the streets, the colors of the leaves, the different smells and sounds emanating from all the things around you. You will even enjoy the food better because you will be able to taste and enjoy the flavors and the aroma at your leisure. There are many reasons a woman may want to go travelling solo. Regardless of what they may be, here are the top 5 destinations that are perfect if you want to take some time off and indulge yourself.


There is no place like Puducherry for a woman to indulge herself. The streets here are lined with quaint cafes that are reminiscent of the colonial times. You may expect to have some of the best meals as the cuisine served at local restaurants is an amalgam of different curecltures. While here, you may also visit the tranquil Aurobindo Ashram and the intriguing Pondicherry Museum.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

If you are in the mood to explore the remnants of the majestic Rajputana Empire and admire palatial lake Mahals and temples, you should plan a trip to Udaipur. This city also offers some of the best authentic Rajasthani cuisines that are surely going to tickle your taste buds. In Udaipur, you can book a room at Club Mahindra Udaipur, and engage in a host of recreational activities available here. Numerous Club Mahindra Reviews shared by tourists will be helpful in choosing the activities.

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

If you are in for some adventure, then pack your bags and trekking gear and head to Dharamshala, a tranquil place situated in the lap of mighty Himalayas. Its serene mountains and endless waterfalls will surely give your mind the much needed peace you were searching for. There are also a number of monasteries in this area where you may get acquainted with the peaceful Buddhist way of life.

Alleppey, Kerala

If you really want some quiet time for introspection, Alleppey is one of the right places on the map to head to. With its extensive beaches and intricate network of languid lagoons, backwaters, and vast lakes, Alleppey is the perfect place to enjoy solitude and feel rejuvenated.

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

The ideal hill station in the Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar is a food lover’s paradise owing to the Mapro Garden and local cuisine. It is indeed a beautiful place to spend some time taking a walk through history by exploring the famous Pratapgad Fort and Lingmala waterfalls.

Amazing Austria with Club Mahindra

If you’re planning to take a vacation abroad in the near future, you should move over mainstream destinations like Paris or Prague and explore other parts of Europe such as Austria which are equally attractive and culturally rich


Vienna for its history, Salzburg – the legendary Mozart’s birthplace, Graz for its admirable architecture and Innsbruck for its nightlife. Land in Vienna and get a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the historic ‘City of Music’ which was once home to Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. From here, you can go on to explore other cities which all have unique attractions that will make your trip unforgettable.



Skiing: Most cities in Austria have skiing spots where you may go skiing with your loved ones and enjoy the fresh mountain air as you glide on smooth, white snow-covered slopes. If you have never tried skiing before, it would be advisable to ask a trainer to help you out.


The musical operas in Linz. The third largest city in Austria is well renowned for its numerous contemporary art galleries, especially the interactive virtual art at Ars Electronica Center. Situated along the banks of the lush River Danube, this city is truly the ideal place to immerse yourself in art and culture.


You must have probably heard of the hugely popular and beloved Wiener Schnitzel, which is a dish comprising of delectable fried veal cutlets. It is very often called the national dish of Austria but it contends for this position with many other equally irresistible dishes such as the Tafelspitz. If you have a sweet tooth, you are bound to enjoy the famed Sachertorte and the Mozartkugel chocolates. “Guten Appetit!”


Wish bypassers a ‘Guten Morgen’ on a bright morning and ‘Danke’ when they reply in kind wishing you a good day. When you go out for drinks at night, remember to say “Ein Achtel” before you clink your wine glasses and ‘Zahlen, Bitte’ to ask for the bill afterwards. And of course, when your stay at the Club Mahindra resort comes to an end, don’t forget to bid ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to this delightful country. Numerous Club Mahindra reviews will give you a glimpse of these amazing place in beautiful words.


Plan a Perfect Weekend Trip to Mussoorie

Bored of your routine throughout the week? Looking forward to escape the pressure of deadlines and every day travel regime? Then welcome the prospect of going on a vacation to one of the exotic places this summer. With Summer stepping in, which place could be more cooler and pleasing than a hill station?

Amongst the list of popular hill stations, Mussoorie definitely needs no introduction. Apart from donning the list of hill stations, it is one of the few places in Uttarakhand that will leave you smitten. From the enchanting houses to the splendid vistas to treat your eyes with, heading here to get that much needed break is certainly one of the best decisions to take.

What’s more? The frequent flights and trains, and the well-constructed highways, have made it easier for people to head to Mussoorie. Travel has become easy and fast, and you can reach this splendid weekend getaway within a short span of time.  To make your stay here comfortable and full of adventure, Club Mahindra has set up one of its finest resorts in Mussoorie. It offers its guests every luxury one could hope for, thereby making your vacation more amazing than ever.

Club Mahindra Mussoorie Resort Studio Rooms

A comfortable room to stay in is the first thing anyone would hope for while planning holidays. Club Mahindra takes care of this by offering some of the finest, well-equipped rooms and studio apartments within its resort. Apart from the cozy comfort offered by these rooms, the hospitality of the staff is something that will make you return back to this place again and again.

For those who like to explore new places, Mussoorie has a lot to offer to quench your inquisitive soul. The scenic views, historical places and monuments, tourist attractions, and famous neighbourhoods give you a little of everything to look forward to. Gun Hill, Mussoorie Lake, Lake Mist, and Kempty Falls are just a few places, which you can visit to make your holiday memorable and fun.

Along with all the sightseeing, you can also keep yourself entertained with the recreational activities offered by the resort. It will undoubtedly be a good opportunity to play board games and outdoor sports with your family that you don’t normally get to try. Apart from recreational activities, you could simply tickle your adventure spirit by engaging in river rafting, or go on nature walks and hikes; there is a lot more to experience at this place.

Your dream vacation to Mussoorie is a few clicks away; you can simply browse through the different Club Mahindra membership plans, check out Club Mahindra reviews, select a plan, pay the membership fees, and gift your family and self a lovely vacation to this amazing place called Mussoorie.

Enjoy Guaranteed Outing with Club Mahindra Vacation Ownership

Known to offer the best holiday experience to thousands, Club Mahindra has managed to win hearts with their luxury vacation options. With forty-five resorts nestled across the country and abroad, each outing is bound to leave you yearning for more, considering the pleasing locations the resorts are ensconced in.

If you are one of those people who love going on a vacation every year to spend some family-time away from the hustle and bustle of life, then Club Mahindra vacations are definitely for you. With Club Mahindra vacation ownership, you will never miss the comfort of your home, even on your holidays. For those looking forward to this wonderful experience, here are a few reasons why you should opt for Club Mahindra Vacation ownership:

Homely feeling:

With vacation ownership, you can head to any of the resorts offered by Club Mahindra for a holiday. If you love tranquillity during your vacations, then these fully-equipped resort rooms will offer you the perfect escape, away from the rush of city life. Never would you have to struggle to buy a second home at any of the exotic places as Club Mahindra offers the convenience of living in a second home through its vacation ownership options.


This is by far the best feature of vacation ownership. Travelling abroad on your own can get a little bothersome, especially when you are new to a place. Accommodation is costly overseas, and when it comes to booking hotel rooms at popular international destinations, you might end up shelling out a large amount of cash. RCI lets you trade your domestic holidays with another vacation ownership owner from international holiday destination. With this, both you and the one you trade your vacation with, gets to have a foreign vacation at an affordable price.


If you find the Club Mahindra membership fees too high for your liking, you can make payments in instalments as well. Instalment facility makes Club Mahindra membership and vacation ownership feasible for all. Not only payment, but your holidays too can be taken in instalments if you choose to do so. Not having enough leaves left? Want to head to more than one place this year? You can easily do it by breaking down your holiday week into two or three parts, thus helping you take multiple vacations at different destinations in a single year.

So now that you know what you are in for, go ahead and get your vacation ownership soon.